Welcome to Sark Bike Hire

Sark, the secret gem of the Bailiwick of Guernsey and first Dark Sky Island of the World, offers a unique landscape of outstanding beauty, which can be effortlessly explored in a day with an E-Bike.

The Island offers many quaint and tranquil hilly country lanes that will take you to hidden valleys and coastal viewpoints away from the often dusty main roads. Its landmass is only 5.4 km2 and many of its most iconic landmarks are located all over the Island - including Little Sark, the most southerly part of Sark connected via Sark’s famous landbridge “La Coupée”. Even remote places can be reached stress-free and in a timely manner with an E-Bike giving you more quality time to enjoy the stunning sea-views and Sark’s unspoilt nature.


If you have never tried an E-Bike before, don’t be afraid to give it a try at our bike-hire, which offers sufficient private space for a practice run. Our staff will be happy to help you until you feel comfortable to take off and start your own adventure...


No doubt you will be amazed how easy it is to reach the highest viewpoints (eg. to the Seigneurial Mill) and explore hidden wind-sheltered valleys, where many of the original Tenement houses dating back to 1565 and some of the best known Sark hotels (Dixcart Hotel, Stock’s Hotel) are located. With an E-Bike you will be able to easily venture to the remote hamlet of Little Sark, where time is still standing still.

Explore Sark by Electric Bike